New Insights For Treatment For Fungal Toenails

Fungus toenails can affect millions of people every day.  This condition causes toenails to appear yellowish, thickened, crumbling and can sometimes can be very painful.  This fungal infection can be very difficult to treat and can spread to all the toenails and sometimes to the fingernails.  It is recommended to have it treated because it will not go away by itself. 

Fungus develops underneath the nail and is caused by trauma which could easily be from banging or bumping toenails on a daily basis.  It is also aggravated by wearing closed shoes and constant perspiration or sweat.  Some people who have poor immune systems such as diabetics, cancer patients on chemotherapy, peripheral vascular disease can also have severe fungus toenails.

 There are 100s of different treatments for fungus toenails and it can take months up to years for a complete cure.  The first step for treatment is identifying the type of fungus, molds or yeast which is causing the infection.  The newest fungal culture can actually identify the genus and species of the fungus and can give proper treatments which will work on that specific fungus.  This is called a genetic molecular fungal culture. 

The #1 oral treatment is Lamisil tablets and has been around for over 20 years.  It has been   proven to be very effective and safe.  In rare cases it can cause liver enzymes to be elevated and it is recommended to have a liver function test performed after being on the medication for about a month.  Topical medications that have been an  effective range from over-the-counter medications that are dispensed in the podiatrist office such as formula 3 has been shown to be extremely effective with the other treatments.  Prescription topical medications have been shown to be effective but because there is no generic for these medications many prescription plans are not covering these treatments.

Though it appears that treating fungus toenails is very difficult, it can work and complete cures are possible.  It is obvious that the worse that the toenails are then more difficult it is to get rid of it.  Therefore it is recommended not to wait otherwise it will cost you more time and money..  For more information contact your local podiatrist.

                                                                                        Howard J. Tzorfas D.P.M.