New testing method for fungal toenails

Fungus toenails affects millions of people every day.  It can cause her toenails to become discolored, crumbly and flaking.  If fungus toenails are not treated correctly they can develop into extremely painful thickened ugly toenails which make it very difficult to cut or trim.  Millions of Older Americans go to Podiatrists every 2 months to have their fungus toenails cut and smoothed down.   Whenyour fungus toenails become this severe it is virtually impossible to treat them or cure them.

It is recommended once you see a change in your toenails you should go see a podiatrist right away.  There is a new testing method for fungal toenails.  Your podiatrist will cut small piece of nail without any pain or discomfort and send it to the proper lab. Bako pathology lab have created this new method in identifying fungus.  It is called a genetic molecular test.  A can identify the genus and species of a particular fungus, yeast, mold, or spore.  This methodoffers a 25% higher sensitivity overall and a twice as much sensitivity when detecting certain types of fungus.

When the results come back to your podiatrist he will go over them with you completely and discuss all options of treatments for the fungus.  If treated early you can get a complete clearing of your nails. The pathology report will indicate which would be best for you.

If you have any questions please contact your local podiatrist.       Howard J. Tzorfas D.P.M.