Why be concerned about falling?

  1. Falls and fall-related injuries are the leading cause of accidental death in older people.

  2. Half of seniors who fall, will fall again within a year

  3. Nearly half of the seniors who fall reduce their activity after a fall

  4. Most fractures among older adults are caused by falls

What if you or your loved ones could wear a simple brace in their shoes to prevent falling or injury.  There is a new prescribed custom made ankle foot orthosis designed to easily fit into most shoes.   By wearing this brace it stabilizes the foot in the presence of weakness and fatigue.  It stimulates skin receptors providing feedback to the brain.  Also it provides ankle support, improving balance and helps avoid falls by reducing postural sway.  It also provides foot clearance reducing the risk of tripping.  It can be easily put on and removed.  Extremely light weight.

Contact your local podiatrist to see if he or she provides this brace for their patient's.  Itinvolves an office visit where the patient's gait is analyzed and fiberglass casts are made of both feet.  Takes about 20 minutes for casting andthe braces usuallyarrive in 3-4 weeks.  Medicare and most insurances approve 100%.