Foot surgery like any other surgery is a big deal. There can always be risks and complications. Foot surgery is mostly elective surgery. This means that you are electing to do it and that it is not a life threatening situation. So you should always consider the options. And it is recommended always to try conservative care first. Foot surgery also has longer recovery unlike many other surgeries because you’re always on your feet. It is difficult to stay off your foot for any length of time for your foot to heal. Even with wearing a postoperative surgical shoe or walking boot it can affect your lifestyle.

When considering any kind of foot or ankle surgery you need to talk to your podiatrist in detail and explained to them what your life is like. Tell them that you need to be standing on your feet all the time for work. Explain to them that you have to go to a wedding or special occasion, and you want to wear your dress shoes. Your podiatrist should go over everything with you and should recommend conservative options until you’re ready to have surgery.

Some surgeries such as removing a small cyst or cutting a ligament or tendon are much less invasive and can have faster healing time. But you do still need to be off your foot for a period of time for it to heal. More involved procedures which involve cutting of the bone or moving bones over such as bunion surgeries or hammertoe surgeries are much more involved and do require more time off your feet.

Sometimes a minimally invasive procedure can be performed which involves making smaller cuts into your skin can decrease healing time and get you back into a close shoe quicker. It depends upon what procedure needs to be done. Talk to your podiatrist and get more information. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get all the options

Howard J. Tzorfas D.P.M.