Why do I need Diabetic shoes?

Diabetic shoes are specially constructed to protect your feet.  They are also  ”extra–depth” to accommodate special inserts which are custom made.  Special features and materials combine to provide your feet with extra protection they need.  Diabetics are prone to getting infections and ulcerations.  These shoes help prevent these problems and many more.  Medicare has shown that providing proper foot wear they have helped decrease the amount of amputations in the United States by 85%.

Medicare plus secondary insurance will pay 100% for one pair of diabetic shoes and 3 pairs of custom inserts per calendar year.  The inserts are made of a soft spongy material which only lasts for a few months.

Our office carries the #1 diabetic shoes in the country.  Please go on to their website@www.Doctorcomfort.com and you will see 100s of shoes from which to choose.

 In order to qualify for this program you must first make an appointment and come into our office for an examination.  We then perform a digital scan of your feet and measure your feet.  Your order is then sent through electronically and the shoes arrive in about 3 weeks.

Please call Dr. Howard J. DPM 908-236-6999.