Young Women and fungus toenails

Fungus toenails are a very common toenail infection.  It can cause the toenails to become thick, yellow, discolored and many times become painful.  It can occur in almost any age group but effects mostly older adults because of their poor circulation and poor immune system.

It also is caused by trauma to the nail which could easily be from constant bumping and banging. Another possible cause might be from constantly being in closed shoes with excess of moisture and perspiration.  For many years fungus toenails in young women including teenage girls was a very rare occurrence.

There has now been a 10 fold increase in the amount of young women getting fungus in their toenails.  One of the possible causes is from overuse of nail polish during the winter months.  In the winter women tend to wear closed shoes, socks and/or stockings.  This can cause excessive perspiration and moisture which is a breeding ground for fungus toenails.  In addition continuous use of nail polish does not allow the nail to breath.

Once the fungus gets into one toenail it can spread to all the toenails and can even go to fingernails.  Treatment for this infection can take months and even up to years to get a complete clearing.

It is recommended to check your toenails every couple weeks.  Take the polish off your toenails and check to see if you have any yellowish or discoloration.  If you do, contact your local podiatrist so he can make a full evaluation and do a fungal culture.  Then, he can get you on the proper treatment for this problem.

                                                                                         Howard J. Tzorfas D.P.M.